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The Car Wash Management App

Having the Elapse car wash management app is like having a little manager in your employees’ pockets…

Upper management has the ability to give your employees Task, Regular Checklist, and Equipment Services to complete with an automatic renewal system for every individual item!

Extend the life of your equipment by ensuring maintenance is done in a timely manner.

Elapse Features


Organize, categorize, and compartmentalize everything from your Tunnel, Equipment Room, Outside, Lobby, and even Storage in your Car Wash!

Scale Up System

Level 1 being the lowest and 4 being the Admin position, this system is designed to give your employees access to what suits their current skill levels or position in the company.

Program Equipment Maintenance

Input equipment & customize component maintenance! Allows owners management to install maintenance required to operate the car wash at max efficiency.

Efficient Service

Elapse is specifically designed to break up, separate, & organize pieces of equipment and their components into their own categories.

Warranty Tracking

Save money by using our easy warranty tracking feature that will ensure you never lose track of what is owed to you.

Task Management

Management can input any Task for employees to take care of with instructions and a photo on how to complete it.


Upper management can input a daily checklist for basic staff and lower management. 


All employees can Flag and report Task or general problems to management. 

Company Announcements

Companies are able to send out important or even vital information to their employees on a dime.


By uploading the instructions when making or updating a Task/Service, management has effectively turned every job that requires completion into a training opportunity!


An easy to find picture for management to post for basic staff to access in the car wash management app.

Location Based Group Chat

This feature allows employees to easily stay in touch with each other without having to make a new group chat every time someone is let go or hired.

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